Fees and rebates

Seeing a Psychologist

To see a psychologist there is no need for a referral from your GP. However, should you require a Medicare rebate, want to use your Private Health Insurance or are accessing psychological services through an insurance scheme (e.g. Comcare, SIRA (Workers Compensation NSW and Motor Vehicle Accident Authority), or Employers Mutual Limited (EML: ACT Government  Workers Compensation Scheme) you will need a referral from your GP. To access Medicare, you will also require a Mental Health Treatment Plan from your GP or Psychiatrist.

What to Expect in the Sessions

The initial session or assessment normally lasts for 80 minutes. This allows the psychologist to gain a thorough understanding of the individuals needs, and for the client, the opportunity to work out if there is a fit with the psychologist. Ongoing sessions last for 50 minutes.

The initial assessment focuses on the presenting concerns, a brief history, and then collecting information on possible biological, environmental and psychological contributors to the distress and wellness of the client. At the end of the session treatment goals are set and treatment options are outlined.

Ongoing sessions focus on homework provided, managing crises and interim stressors, and collaboratively setting further goals.


The initial session fee is $340 and ongoing sessions are charged at $226.50.

Depending on how you access the services you may be entitled to a rebate from Medicare, or your insurer.


Under Medicare, to access treatment from a psychologist you are required to obtain a Mental Health Care Plan from your referring GP. Without this Medicare will not contribute to the cost of treatment.

If you are eligible for a rebate, Medicare will contribute to up to 10 sessions per calendar year. The initial Mental Health Care Plan contributes to 6 sessions. After this a the psychologist will write to your GP with an update on treatment and outcomes, and to request an additional 4 sessions. You will then need to see your GP again and obtain a Mental Health Care Plan Review. Without the Review letter Medicare will not contribute to your costs.

From the 1st July 2019 the Medicare rebate for a Clinical Psychologist is $126.50 per session

Private Health Insurance

To receive a rebate from your Private Health Insurer you will need to have a referral from your GP. The rebated amount depends on your individual insurer and level of cover. Please speak to your insurer about your cover for rebates and number of sessions.

It it not possible to claim a rebate from Medicare and your Private Health Insurer for the same session.

Other Insurance

To access psychological treatment through third party insurers (Comcare, EML, SIRA), you can either pay the sessional amount and apply to your insurer for a refund, or provide a letter from your insurer that your claim for psychological treatment is covered. A claim number is not sufficient. 

If you are planning on claiming through the above insurers, it is important to inform us before the initial session in order to guarantee access to treatment.

Further Information

If you have any questions about Fees and Rebates, please contact The Woden Clinic before your initial appointment.